Samsung Introduces four new Galaxy phones

Samsung,The Korean mobile phone manufacturer announced the new line up of its popular Galaxy smartphones.According to the press release,Samsung has created new naming system for its galaxy phones that helps people understand the category of the phone.

samsung galaxy phones


New Naming system is to create a simplified way of categorizing different galaxy phones tailor made for specific audiences.

Galaxy S – Super smart phones – High end flagship device

Galaxy R – Royal/Refined – Premium model – Power+performance+productivity

Galaxy W – Wonder – Decent quality mobile – Style+performance

Galaxy M – Magical – Economical

Galaxy Y – Young – For young generation

Class Indicators:

Apart from this name a class indicator would additionally say you the type of phone with just knowing the name.For example if any phone has “pro” name tagged to it then it will be a qwerty keypad phone.

pro – Phone using Qwerty keypad

plus – Upgrade from existing model

LTE – Long term evolution or 4G capable phone

(Please note: the four new phones namely Galaxy W,Galaxy Y,Galaxy M pro,Galaxy y pro are yet to be launched to the market on IFA trade show at berlin on September 2011)

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