Google officially release Instant Pages for faster Performance

Google is called the king of the world and again Google proved with lots of effort and hard work in the field of technology. Google is been the brand of technologies with all of its task related to service providing, events managing, security management, Excellent Customer services and all such things.

google instant page

google instant page

June 14, 2011 was far more big day for Google when it officially announced of extending its scope and innovation in terms of performance search. Google has been doing more research in the field of predicting features like Predicting search for users. Last year Google announced Instant Search for all its users and this year they finally decided to migrate both Google Instant and Google Suggest to form a new version of the innovation brand which will be known as “Instant Pages”.

The Instant Pages will prefetch the links on a search page that user performs on a Google page and will process the load on the background. If you want to click on a page that is loading on the background then the page will appear in your screen with minimal time to load. Google also recommend that that they are confident about this new innovation and will “pre-render” its use in Google Chrome that will be using the execution of JavaScript allowing you to save more time per search transaction.

Amit Singhal also announced

“Instant Pages,” or what Singhal calls “the next big leap in Google Instant.” Instant Pages prerenders search results, allowing you to click on a search result and have it load instantly, as opposed to having to wait for four seconds.

“At the end of the day our job is to get you the information you search for in the blink of an eye,” said Singhal. Or as Google Product Manager Johanna Wright more succinctly put it. “In Google’s DNA is speed.”

Google had also made it very clear that this facility will be available in Chrome Beta in the upcoming few weeks and your browsers will automatically upgrade those settings. For Mozilla FireFox the users will have to wait and for some more weeks to upgrade it. This innovation will bring a change in searches and will reduce 4 to 10 seconds of your time per transaction.

To try instant pages you need to have developer version of chrome browser. You can also see list of other new features launched on same day.

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