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Firefox 4.0 Windows theme mockups are released by Mozilla.The new design emphasizes various UI developments which makes web browsing very comfortable.

Early Screenshots for firefox 4.0 

Firefox 4.0 – Windows Mock up

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1. Overview 
The main UI changes in 4.0 is focussed on easy Interaction with the browser tabs and address bar. 

2. Buttons

The menu bar buttons is replaced by buttons [ occupies less space ]

3. App Button 

The app button is inspired by Microsoft office 2010 design.


Firfox 4.0 has some configurations planned for certain uses

With BookMarks Bar:

 Tabs Under Notification bar:

Tabs Under the Navigation bar with bookmarks bar:

Comparison with Firefox 3.5 :

 Button States:




Large Button Mode :

The navigation button will be large as seen in firefox 3.5

Small Button Mode:

The navigation button will be smaller

  • Further Tabs on top , Tabs on Bottom mode are designed, with the tabs above/below address bar 

Tab animation:

Another animation 

  • New Notification System in firefox 4.0  is upgraded from 3.5, Its been  Conceptualized here 

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