Firefox 4 mobile gets a beta update


November 5, 2010Browsers MobileNo comments

Firefox 4 for mobile devices is released its beta 1 a month ago .Now the Beta2 version of Firefox 4 For mobile is launched with refreshed interface and many improvements in design.

The major focus of this release is to increase the performance and responsiveness of the browser..The Firefox mobile team has made several notifiable changes in Beta 2 version .With the installation size in android phone has gone down from 43 MB to 17 MB.Although the application is meant for Android and Maemo(Nokia) devices the Interface of Beta 2 is overhauled to match with the default Android interface.

See Firefox 4 for desktop User interface design

Beta 2 has got a new start page design


The page rendering is faster in this version because the browser process and web content process run separately to give out a faster performance.

Android Inspired UI
Tab Management

Search feature

Undo a closed page

One touch sharing

Feedback page

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