Firefox 4.0 Screenshots


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Next to the launch of firefox 3.5 Mozilla has decided to release next version Firefox 4.0. It has given the browser a majoFirefox 4.0 Screenshots r facelift in the GUI.It will be now more similar to google chrome. See more about its pro’s and con’s
The Mozilla would have have thought to launch its next version to compete with google and other browser updates.

ScreenShots of FireFox 4.0
Firefox 4.0 Screenshots

Firefox 4.0 Features

Apparently there are 2 main changes which may be introduced in Firefox 4, a bookmarks widget and a bookmarks tool bar along with a combined go/stop/refresh button and there is intention to make the latest firefox the most user customizable to date.
Firefox 4.0 Screenshots
In addition, Mozilla summarizes the pros and cons of the two designs.

– Save Vertical Space
– Efficiency/Remove Visual Complexity – Right now the tabs have to be connected to something. So we are adding an extra visual element for them to connect to.
– Shorter Mouse Distance to Page Controls
– Breaks Consistency/Familiarity – Moving things confuses existing users.
– Title is MIA – With the space removed from the title bar you only get the truncated version in the tab.
– Longer Mouse Distance to Tabs – Takes longer to mouse to a tab.
– Lost Space – Sandwiched in between the application icon and the window widgets you lose some space.

Firefox 4.0 Screenshots

Combo Stop/Refresh/Go Button.

Image:Mockup-4-0-Vista-(TabsBottom)-(LocBar).pngAttached at the end of the location bar.

  • Turns green when you start typing.
  • Blends with the location bar when at rest.
  • Turns blue on hover.
  • Turns red when a page is loading.

The proposed iconography is mostly colorless. Adding color to these temporary action driven buttons will make it more obvious something is going on.
To see the GUI mockups for Firefox 4.0 go HERE , HERE

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