Google Play store update bring faster and cleaner UI


April 9, 2013AppNo comments

Google play store application is the most commonly used application among the android users amidst of other app stores.Play store expanded from just app store to a single place marketplace for Books,Movies,Music and Devices for tablets and smartphones.As a part of revamping the play store application google released the upgraded version of play store with a simple and cleaner UI that also loads faster on all devices.

The new version number is 4.0 and will be using the similar interface like Google Now application.

playstore 4.0 for smartphones

playstore 4.0 for tablets

Google team is actively working on updating the play store by removing the 60,000 low quality applications from the store.This update makes users to easily navigate and find the quality applications of android platform.

The update will be rolled out the users within a week and you will be auto updated to the latest version automatically.

(Source:Android Blog)

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