How to Find Invisible friends in yahoo,gtalk ?


August 5, 2009how to?2 Comments

Want to find who is invisible in gtalk and yahoo messenger? I will tell you a simple trick to do that,also I have found a website which is much helpful in finding invisible users

First We will go for Yahoo

Step 1: Visit

find invisible friend in Yahoo

Step 2: Enter the Email ID of the person [whom you guess as invisible]  in the text box. Thats it

Step 3: If the person is online ,then you may know that he is invisible. If not then he will be offline actually.

do this trick and pass it on to your friends

find invisible friends in yahoo


To find invisible friends in gtalk , check this post


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  1. yahoo status


    Thanks for this informations . I also find a great website that always works .
    You can also add this website to your list
    This comes with something new and show hi5 account and avatar .
    You can try at this address :


  2. Jeyaganesh

    Thank you @above

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