How to find the Font used in a image



This trick is for finding the Font which is used in a image. I found a website which helps in finding it.This trick is useful for Photoshop designers when they find difficulty of finding the font in font libraries.



Step 1:

go to

Step 2 :

Upload the image which has the text

font image 2




I this case i took a image shown below


techgyaan text 

Step 3

character selection

Look at each image below and make sure the text box agrees with the character highlighted in the image. Leave character boxes blank if no valid character is highlighted.

font image 22

Step 4:

now its your job to find the matching font

It shows me 30 matches for the image mentioned above.

font image 2

That’s it . You may download the font which you find from the match. Thanks to WhatTheFont

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