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Google Buzz changed the scenario of social networking and growing enormously. Some minor tweaks has been updated at google Buzz. This post will help you to know the tips and tricks of google Buzz


How to get Google buzz on your browser


Chrome Extension


Firefox Addon


1.How to turn off buzz



2. Hide Google buzz update


Google Buzz Counter and Icon After Hiding Google Buzz Counter and Icon


3. How to remove buzz from inbox


Step1:  click the ‘ create a filter ‘ link in Gmail


Step 2 : Type label:buzz in the first text box

 label buzz

Click Next step button, It will warn you that

Filter searches containing label and a few other search operators won’t work

Don worry it wont create any problem. click OK.

Create labelbuzz filter in Gmail

Step 3: Finally tick the checkbox next to “skip the inbox” and click create filter button.

Now your inbox is free from Buzz mails.



4. Update Buzz via Email :

You can able to update Buzz via Email. Just send an email to using your gmail address.You can attach photos to that mail , it will be displayed in your buzz.


5. Prevent chat Status messages from being posted to buzz :

By default your chat status messages are posted to your buzz feed. whenever you don’t want particular chat  status to get posted on buzz , just mention parentheses around it so that it wont get updated to your buzz.


6. Link to a Buzz post :

Each buzz post has a link, which you can use it everywhere. click the down arrow button in the upper right hand corner of the post,select ‘link to this post’


7. View the summary of your Buzz activity


visit to see your consolidated summary of your data associated with your google account.



8. Stop the current conversation

if you want to stop the comments of your post from being displayed on your buzz.,just mute that post so that you can receive all comments to your inbox rather than displaying it on the buzz.


Follow the buzz team on google buzz to get more tips about Buzz

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