Mobile number portability in India – How to port mobile numbers- step by step procedure


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Mobile number portability has finally arrived in india,Now the Indian mobile subscribers can switch between mobile operators without changing their current number thus giving the freedom to users rather than mobile operators.

Step by step guide to switch to another operator
  • You have to send an sms PORT <space><10 digit number> to 1900 [Tollfree]  ex: PORT 9952483735
  • After sending ,you will receive an sms with  unique porting code or UPC   from your current operator.
  • After receiving the porting code,you can buy any GSM SIM of your choice and fill the unique porting code in your application form
  • You will be transferred to your preferred operator in a maximum of four days.
Some important information regarding Mobile number portability

  • The current mobile operator which you wish to change should be at-least 2 months old.
  • You current balance,validity and offers will NOT be transferred to your new operator.
  • To avail this service you have to pay Rs.19 each time to switch the operator.
  • You can switch the operator within the state only,you cannot do it for the other state operators.
  • ex: If you have a Kerala state sim card you can switch with the operators in Kerala state only.
  • As the process of switching begins from one operator to other,your number wont be active for at-least 2 hours.
  • You can also switch your current “post paid” account to “pre paid” once you clear all outstanding bills.
  • You can switch operators multiple times but you should use a minimum of 90 days each time.
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