What is foursquare ? how to use it ?


foursquare-logo Foursquare is mobile gaming and social networking application which uses the power of geo location. Foursquare is a newYork based mobile start-up becoming one of the hottest internet companies in the world.

Dennis Crowley (L) and Naveen Selvadurai


Foursquare is founded by Dennis Crowley (L) and Naveen Selvadurai, Foursquare growth is extraordinary 725,000 users so far ( 100,000 users in just 10 days).



This growth predicts that Foursquare may be the next big thing after twitter.


Learn how to use Foursquare .



A screenshot from the Foursquare iPhone app

Foursquare Mobile application is available for Iphone, android,Palm and blackberry. Foursquare rewards its users by providing them badges .

foursquare badges

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