Google Earth is now available for ipad

Google earth is now available for ipad.This navigation application from google is a remarkable experience as same as like iphone.

The new app is versioned as 3.0 you can navigate with your fingers, One finger to move the globe and two fingers to change your viewpoint. a single finger double-tap to zoom in and a two-finger double-tap to zoom out.

Google Earth for iPad is one of the best ways yet to experience Google Earth. With the combination of an intuitive touch interface, a large screen, and the snappy A4 processor, you a great new way to explore the globe and share your adventures with your friends.

Google Blog post

google earth on ipad

Google earth on  Ipad


Google Earth Locations 


The Google earth experience on ipad is nice with the intuitive touch interface.However this ipad version doesn’t have the 3d buildings layer added to it.

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Google’s Blog post

Google earth’s new version 5.2 features

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