Rorschmap: Kaleidoscopic effect on Google maps


August 3, 2011JavascriptNo comments

Rorschmap-the creative mashup of viewing Google maps in a kaleidoscopic view. Never again the boring rectangular view of maps, while you can see you own city in different view.

James Bridle, the developer who created Rorschmap, cool and creative use of Google maps.



The idea behind is very simple, the google map for particular locality is mirrored into various angles that moves along when you navigate into the page creating the kaleidoscopic effect.Not to mention each individual piece is a HTML5 canvas element.

Rorschmap is cartographic navel-gazing, a reframing of the map. It will not help you find anything.

You can see in developer’s blog on the idea of creating such effects and how he made it.

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