Create HTML5 games without writing code


December 28, 2011HTML5No comments

Writing HTML5 games will be easier than ever with just installing an windows software that generates the complete html5 game code with simple and easy steps.

Construct2 is a windows software that is used to create html5 games easily with a easy to use IDE.Using this application you can create screens or individual game pages, add objects,add events and behaviors for each objects.You can export the project to a complete HTML5 site  that will ready to publish.

The unique feature of construct2 is that it offers the HTML5 Box2D engine that enables the physics behavior to the game objects.In other words,there is no good software or application that helps develop HTML5 so easily than construct2.

Add behaviours to the game objects

Add events

Create a sample object on the layer and click run button to see the live preview of the game in your browser.

Export the game as html5 package

Download the application for windows.

Try the tutorials of construct2 to develop html5 games easily.

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