Microsoft previews Internet explorer 10


April 14, 2011Browsers2 Comments

Its hardly a month ago Microsoft launched the Internet explorer 9 and now its pushing out the developer preview of next version called  Internet Explorer 10 platform preview 1.
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Microsoft showed the demo of IE10 at MIX2011 conference.It was same development road map for IE9 which has developer preview for one year and then  released the full version.Likewise IE10 will bear the one year mark to get released next year meanwhile developers keep updating the code.

IE10 is expected to bundled with windows 8 OS which is due next year.This version is basically a IE9 build with additional improvements like speed and additional HTML5 support.The version number is Internet explorer 10.0.100016394.

Whats new in Internet Explorer 10 Platform preview 1

This version of the Internet Explorer Platform Preview contains support for the following features:

  1. Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 (CSS3) support
  2. Flexible Box (“Flexbox”) Layout
  3. Grid Alignment
  4. Multi-column Layout
  5. Gradients (on background images)
  6. ECMAScript 5 (ES5) support
  7. The strict variant of ECMAScript (“ES5 strict mode”)

Visit microsoft’s page to get detailed view on whats new in IE 10 and what are about to come.

Please note that Internet explorer 10 doesnt work for Operating systems earlier than windows 7.Even in Windows vista and XP you can’t use as the new browser uses the hardware acceleration.

Download IE 10 preview from here.The platform preview version doesn’t have any tabs or sidebar.

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  1. Rohit Batra

    I think they are going too fast IE 9 just was released.. now IE 10 I Hope it should be Bundled with Windows 8…

  2. Jeyaganesh

    Yes rohit.IE10 would be bundled with windows 8

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