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October 22, 2011MobileNo comments

Appmobi-HTML5 powered mobile development platform now offers new tool called ‘Phonegap XDK’ that helps mobile application development using the phonegap framework.

PhoneGap XDK:

So far the mobile developers who are using phonegap framework to build mobile applications have used Eclipse as their primary Integrated development environment but now appmobi offers XDK which means an integrated development framework(IDE)which you can access using a web browser.

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What is so special about this IDE?

PhoneGap XDK is an useful tool for the beginners to build and emulate applications on various devices.Once you build the application you can download the app and submit it to marketplaces (either apple appstore or android market) or push to cloud and test it on real devices.

Lets Get started using Phonegap SDK

Goto appmobi website and click download XDK.If you are using the chrome browser you will be redirected to download the application as a browser extension.

Once the extension is installed you can start the application by clicking the icon on the chrome extension bar.If you are prompted for the installation path you have to select a folder in your hard drive for the application to be installed.

New project setup

Setup a new project by clicking next button.

Project Name

Provide a project name and appmobi ID is generated by self.setup complete

Appmobi Project life cycle

Appmobi Project life cycle

Finally you will get the Development environment.

appMobi PhoneGap XDK

To see the source code of your application goto ->edit source code.

See the below video that explains the various features in the XDK.

Update: Another video here explains the latest version.

Update: As phonegap is acquired by Adobe.The framework will be renamed to “Apache callback”.

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