How to : Hear Voice of Caller-id in Android phone

Generally whenever anyone calls you , the phone displays caller’s name and  their phone number , But there is an android app – WhoIsCalling which will speak the caller id info searching for contact name in your agenda and if not found, will speak the number of the caller (digit by digit).Interesting Isn’t  it ??? Ok Let’s see how it works ??Smile

How WhoIsCalling App Works ??

WhoIsCalling uses the built-in Android TTS (text-to-speech) engine (or anyone that you have installed) to speak the caller id when he/she calls you. It will check if there is any TTS engine installed and if not, will redirect you to the Android Market to install it.

Apart of it, you can also customise things like number of times it repeats and time interval , reduce ringtone volume while speaking ,voice pitch and speed ,volume etc . Another interesting feature which i liked the most is Backup of App data in your google account (so if you change your device and reinstall WhoIsCalling with same google account, all your previous setting will be restored).

How to Download :

Click the below link to download directly through android market .


Screenshots :

For More Screenshots , Visit

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