iPhone 4 launched in India by Airtel and Aircel


May 29, 2011Apple MobileNo comments

After eleven months since its international launch iPhone 4 finally arrives in Indian market .Of course the beauty is India will get iPhone 4 in both black and white versions right from day one.

Two Indian Telecom companies Airtel and Aircel are launching iPhone4 in India.The price of 16GB version is  RS.34,500 ($764) and the 32 GB version is Rs.40,900 ($905) and both the companies are selling with several discounts.

Airtel Prepaid/Postpaid plans
Indian mobile market is second largest in the world with widely dominated by Nokia and now the smartphone ranges like iPhone  are picking up sales considerably.Nokia and samsung launch their phones in India while they are launching across the globe but apple will do the same only after 10-12 months.

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