Google new API Explorer helps newbie developers


March 9, 2011ProgrammingNo comments

Google announced API explorer to help new developers to get started with Google API without any programming.The latest tool from google aimed at new developers wanting to try out Google API’s right from the browser.You can execute the api calls and can analyse the response data that help you learn API’s working.

API Explorer is much like the live demo of API’s,If you want to use the API in your code you need to get the API key but using explorer you dont need to have key but still you can use the functionality.Suppose if you want to call api to expand the shortened URL you can simply provide the¬†shortened¬†URL and execute the api to check the response from the API.The JSON response code is also displayed.

Try API explorer, not all API’s are available right now, you can access BUZZ,translate,,shopping API’s all the methods and parameters.

A demo on API Explorer

Example : shortened URL for is “

you can see the API call and response from


google api explorer

google api explorer

Sample requests

Try API explorer and share your comments

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