Apple’s Hyperwall

Apple at WWDC ( world wide developer’s conference 2010) had shown a matrix style video wall to showcase the popularity of ipad and phone apps.

This video wall called as hyperwall which has 30 LED tv’s synchronized to provide one video.

This hyperwall shows as the apps falling from the top and filled at the bottom.These apps falls as they get downloaded from app store in real time.

“This hyperwall is powered by 30 Mac Pro towers with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and EVGA NVIDIA GTX 285 graphics cards. As apps are downloaded from the App Store, their data is coalesced via an XML feed every five minutes. Apps are sorted and scheduled using Cocoa and Objective-C. The data is then passed to an OpenCL kernel, which drives the animation. Quartz Composer brings all the technologies together and renders the final synchonized output using Quartz Composer Visualizer.”

In just a few minutes the entire screens gets filled up with 10800 apps.This is a perfect example for synchronizing multiple monitors.

Developer’s Link

Quartz Composer wiki

How to install Quartz composer

Open CL – for parallel computing

Hydravision – A tool from AMD for combining multiple monitors

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