It’s easy to create Movies


August 28, 2010Web AppNo comments

Ever wondered, how to make an animated movie?? If you ask Spielberg, he would suggest you to learn 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effect and blah.. blah.. blah…

But here is a website which tells, “IF YOU CAN TYPE, YOU CAN MAKE MOVIES”. Interestingly, If you think everyone enjoy movies, (Update: This website has been closed)thinks Everyone can make movies. It provides a web based interface to make real time movies out of text. It not just converts your text to speech but also to a movie with characters speaking your text.

The web based interface requires more network bandwidth. So if you like to make movies instantly, you can try downloading their PC version called State. You can try out your creativity with this tool. You can make these characters say a Joke and mail it to your friends.

A small case study: Brian Maupin made the video below using Xtranormal, which became a sensation in youtube , but finally he was suspended from Bestbuy for disparaging it’s name.

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