How to : Share our voice as facebook status through Mymic

Introduction :


I always had wish to share my status through voice to my facebook friends .Generally we used to write on their facebook wall . but everything can’t be expressed through wordings and voice has its own unique power which enthrall our friends. MyMic is an facebook app through which we can post voice messages in wall . It contains three editions : free , upgrade and premium . In Free edition , we can record upto 20secs , which i think is enough to convey our message/status . In upgrade edition , we can record upto 60 secs . Generally people use this upgrade version for joke-telling ,singing and greeting . And if you want unlimited time limit ,then you have to opt for premium edition .


How to record ?

  • Go to MyMic app , click on “start recording”,application will ask permission to access microphone and audio . Click on “Allow” to give the access .
  • Click on red record button . Once done , click on publish button , to publish on facebook .


  • Then it will ask for recording title and message . Other users cant able to see this messages .


  • That’s it done. Publish in your wall .


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