Dotnetchecker: Checks the presence of .NET

Do you  have .NET in your computer ??? Which Version of .NET do you use ??  .NET framework are important as it is used in many places and to check its presence is very easy by using a  freeware called  Dotnetchecker which is developed by Ravi Bhavnani which checks the presence of  .NET in our computer .

About DotnetChecker:

Dot Net Checker checks if the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is installed on your computer.  Many new programs require this framework in order to run.

The framework is included with Windows 7.  Windows XP and Windows Vista users can download the framework for free from Microsoft by visiting this site.


  • A message will be displayed informing you whether Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is installed on your computer.
  • If the framework is not installed, you will be asked if you want to visit the Microsoft download site.
  • You can also visit the download site by clicking here.

Download DotNetChecker.exe (1.5M)

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