The new epic of India

Warning: This article is strictly not recommended for the people who are still tied to Internet Explorer

Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two great epics of India. And here is a new one, the first Indian Browser called epic. Developed byHidden Reflex,


It is based on the Mozilla firefox. It’s not just “India’s first”, it has another new feature to claim it as World’s first.

“World’s first and only browser with Antivirus”

epic browser antivirus

Amazing isn’t it?!! The antivirus feature is supported by ESET. But this feature cannot be a supplement to your Anti-Virus program, since it searches for viruses only when the scan is activated. The epic team advices you to purchase ESET nod32 antivirus. Also it has Malicious Website warning and Anti Phishing protection which makes it the secure browser ever.

epic browser sidebar

The next interesting feature is the side bar, where you can read news, view pictures, change theme and lots more. The company claims to have more than 1500 apps and some of the interesting apps are Antivirus (which we’ve seen earlier), word processor, Indic Text and lot of social networking gadgets. You can type in 12 Indian languages with just a click of Indic Text app. The browser has 1500+ Indian themes and Wallpaper, so that you can make it desi instantly. In addition to that you can also use the firefox personas, where you can have more than 35000 themes.

epic browser

epic browser

According to Alok Bhardwaj, CEO and Founder of Hidden Reflex, “We want to prove that India can be a hub for innovation in software and technology.” Let’s hope his dream come true.

You can download the Windows version of the browser here. Linux and Mac users have to wait some time.

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  1. Gautham Raj

    Antivirus Part of it makes me WOW!!! Gr8 Epic !!!

  2. Kumaraguru

    Epic-Made Indians Proud !!!

  3. Jeyaganesh

    Most secure browser ever !!

  4. Gautham

    Also it included many new features like sidebar and it is very useful for indians !!!!

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