IETab plus for Firefox 3.6+


September 2, 2010Firefox1 Comment

Many times we are forced to use Internet Explorer since some sites are not designed for all browser. To get rid of this, here is an interesting extension called IETab for Firefox. This extension is also available for Flock, Google Chrome and Seamonkey browsers.

This extension allows the users to view a site using the Internet Explorer Layout engine. It may be useful for viewing pages that work only on IE without exiting the browser. But this doesn’t mean that you aren’t using IE, actually you are using it indirectly as a tab in firefox. and hence this extension is  available only for Windows. The cookies and history will be stored in IE as if you were using IE.

This extension is now improved as IETab plus (earlier known as Coral IETab)  which supports firefox 3.6 and above. The added features are

  • Supports Adblock Plus. Ads in IE page will also be filtered by Adblock Plus.
  • Support to sync cookies between IE and Firefox, So that you can switch between Firefox tab and IE Tab without having to relogin.

Click here to get this extension

After installation left click the magnified icon to switch between IE and Firefox

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  1. Jeyaganesh

    I have used IE tab for chrome . Good to know that u can use it on firefox too.

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