Wikipedia improves its design and logo


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Wikipedia worlds largest online encyclopaedia has updated its design and minor change to its logo.This change is aimed to increase the usability further.


Here’s what’s new:

  • Look and feel: We’ve introduced a new theme we call “Vector” which makes essential functions easier to find.
  • Navigation: Improved  navigation for reading and editing pages. Now, the tabs at the top of each page more clearly define whether you’re reading or editing a page. There’s also a collapsible navigation for the left sidebar that hides items that aren’t used often, but allows them to continue to be easily accessible.
  • Editing improvements:  Now, formatting pages is simpler and more intuitive with tables, Find and replace functionality
  • Link wizard: An easy-to-use tool allows you to add links to other pages on Wikipedia, or to pages on external sites.
  • Search improvements: Search suggestions are now improved to get you to the page you are looking for more quickly.
  • Pediapress book creator: Create a book by selecting Wikipedia articles and adding them to the Book Creator.  Your articles will be turned into a PDF (or OpenDocument) file so you can easily take Wikipedia wherever you go.
  • Updated logo: The well-known Wikipedia logo have been enhanced and improved.

Further design information is available at Wikipedia blog post


Old Logo



New logo with a 3D touch


Logo viewed at different angles


Wikipedia as printed book

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