Infosys CEO gopalakrishnan’s speech in trichy


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s-gopalakrishnan in Trichy


Today Infosys S. Gopalakrishnan – Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of INFOSYS came to Trichy for a student meet at Bishop heber college which was organised by CII (confideration of Indian Industry). Here’s a full text about the speech delivered by him.



CII southern region chairman Leo anandh Inagurated the function . Then Infosys CEO Gopalakrishnan made his speech.(here it goes)

First ,He started with history of computers and the evolution made by them.

There are two transformations in the history of computers. First is when computers are discovered,the time around 1945-1975 at that time he was studying at IIT madras.At first the computers are used in huge laboratories to do the data processing.Later these computers are used in solving some easier tasks. this has made the life of a human being to be so easier.

The second Transformation is about the invention of Internet. The dot com bubble burst in the year 2000 has made IT field to face a tremendous growth.Infosys started in 1981 with only seven members now holds lakhs of employees now. This is a huge achievement by us,he added also that Internet was a efficient tool to learn .After these two transitions there will be another transition which will take place after 30 years of time.

Today Internet was connected only to computers but in future Internet will connect everything from camera,electric appliances vehicles etc.CII logo

Then he started Information Technology in INDIA. Its country with the second largest in human resource.

as you all know Nandan Nelakeni is appointed as UIDAI project’s chief. This project will make a Digital India with all those corruption being removed everywhere.

IT has the major importance in India . Every job created in IT will create another 5 jobs in the related industry like retail,finance,supply chain etc .

Speaking about the economic slowdown he mentioned that the current economic status is jus like a pause for the growth. Infosys has seen 16 years of growth but there are small slowdowns in the industry which can be overcomed.

Answering to a question about Recruitment in Infosys he said

There is a slowdown in recruitment but there wont be a huge lay off in the company.

Currently there are 7000 employees undergoing training at Infosys Mysore campus.We will think about the recruitment only after january 2010 .


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