Online Tool to create Responsive grid layouts


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What is a responsive webdesign ?

There is some around the web designers about the responsive ness of a website.A responsive website is just similar to a normal website that adopts itself perfectly to all types of screens(viewports) and devices when viewed on.When a visitor enters your website through a smartphone should see the mobile version of the webpage rather than the normal desktop version.A responsive website does this job of crunching the design to suit the screen size of the smartphone.

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Well,This is intriguing because you don’t have to write a separate web page for mobile version but instead view the normal version with a modification.No extra work indeed!

There are several tools to create a responsive layout online,one such tool is 

To create layout,enter the values for columns,gutter width and break point and click apply changes.To check how the layout appears on mobile and tablets you can check the preview area.

There are some other tools like that serves the same purpose.Give it a try and share your comments.

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