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June 26, 2010Microsoft WindowsNo comments

Upgraded windows live beta suite is now available for download.The new beta version is open for testing and you can download the new windows live essentials at


windows live essential suite


by default when you click the download button wlsetup-webd.exe will get downloaded.when you run this it will install all the windows live components. If you want to install specific components then you have to choose wlsetup-webc.exe

This version of windows focuses on bringing cloud services to windows applications

In this package Hotmail,Movie maker, picture gallery have got complete make over.




Windows Live Sync

This beta suite has a new live sync application which is a replacement for windows live mesh.If you have windows live mesh on your computer already then you will be prompted to remove the application.

With the new live sync feature you can now sync not only files , you can sync internet explorer settings and office settings across the computers.

Syncing large data up to 40 GB is now possible.  see more

Windows Photo gallery

Cool new features added to photo gallery which can compete with Google’s Picasa.Face recognition,photo fuse have been can also share the pictures and videos to flickr,YouTube and sky drive on the go.

Find a tab


Photo Fuse

photo fuse

See more features about photo gallery here.


Windows Movie Maker


Movie maker has got 20 new themes in this suite.

windows live essential suite movie makersee more features about movie maker here

Windows Live writer

My favourite blogging application has got the office like ribbon features.The sidebar is gone and all the controls are added to to the ribbon.

Now the live writer auto saves the post every 5 seconds of inactivity.This is the must awaited features to prevent the new post from getting lost while crash.

(if u can’t see the video click here )

Windows live Messenger






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