Windows 8 new features [Screenshots]


September 14, 2011Microsoft WindowsNo comments

Windows 8 officially previewed today by Microsoft in their “Build conference”.Windows 8 will be the next generation operating system for Microsoft that will be for both computers and tablet PC’s.


One of the biggest change made Windows 8 was Metro style UI:


The entire look and feel of the operating system is much inspired with Metro UI that was similar to the windows phone 7 phones.

You can use windows key to swap between the metro desktop and windows 7 desktop UIHomeSelect


Boot speed

The boot speed of the operating system is so fast that loads the OS quickly in 6 seconds.

USB 3.0

The next generation USB technology that helps faster file transfers.

Home screen


Task manager

The redesigned task manager helps in monitoring the running apps in a whole new way.

windows8 taskmanagerwindows8 taskmaner-process

win8 taskmanager

Windows appstore

Appstore to download metro apps as well as win32 apps.




Lighter Operating system:

win8 performance

Windows 8 Explorer


Visual studio 11

visualstudio 11

Windows 8 platform stack

windows 8 stack

  • The taskbar in windows 8 spans multiple monitors.
  • You can even set pictures as login passwords in windows8.
  • Developers now have access to SkyDrive just like local file system with help of APIs
  • Windows 8 devices will be using ARM and Intel processors and this is the first time Microsoft is employing other hardware vendors apart from Intel.
  • Appstore is not launched during this developer preview and it was just announced.
  • Windows8 will support visual studio 11 with html5 features.
  • Split keyboard for tablets and touch devices.
  • Every computer that runs on windows 7 will be able to run windows 8

Download the Windows 8 ISO files of the developer version at

Since this is a pre beta release we can expect lot of bug fixes before it goes for the final revision.

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