Google music launched in US-offers streaming 20,000 free songs

Google Music– cloud based music streaming service was announced at Google IO conference 2011 at San Fransisco.

Google music is a cloud music player which allow you to upload music up-to 20,000 songs for free and stream it anywhere across the device in a neat UI.Upload a song or create playlist and its instantly available in all the devices you access.

Features of Google Music
  • Recently played songs are available even offline.
  • You can upload songs or sync the iTunes playlist to your online library.
  • Like iTunes genius- Google music will mix up songs to create instant playlists.
  • Google music is currently in Beta and available for uses in US upon invitation.Apply for an invite here.

Google music player is built using Flash [ipad/iphone devices wont work]

Along with this Google also announced Movie rentals will be available on android market with movies can rented at 2$ for 30 days.

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