How to create panorama effect using photoshop

panorama is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space.Panorama effect can be applied to an image when it is needed to show complete view of a large building, natural scenery etc.

Example of  panorama shot

panorama shot

panorama shot

The panorama shots are not taken in a single click,its a combination of several images taken in same place with different angle.Once you have taken different photos in same place you can use photoshop to create panorama

I have taken 7 photos taken in different angles

panorama effect 1panorama effect 2 panorama effect 1

Place your camera in a stable flat surface (if you don’t have pivot stand) and take photographs with a small tilt in the angle for every click.

Now open photoshop

goto File ->Automate -> Photomerge








photoshop panorama-1

photoshop panorama


Browse the image files and select all the photos you have taken.You can select the layout mode perspective,cylindrical,spherical,collage and reposition for different effects. click ok

Photoshop will produce a panoramic image automatically,

Crop the final image to fix the rectangular width.

photoshop panorama-Auto

photoshop panorama

Layout changed to spherical mode

photoshop panorama

photoshop panorama

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