Google launches E-book Store


December 6, 2010Google NewsNo comments

Google finally launched google ebook store which has almost 3 million ebooks.Google Ebook store allows you to purchase the ebooks online which are optimized for the devices like iphone,ipad,android,nook ebook readers.

Google E-books are now optimized for variety of devices
Buy ebooks from and you can store it on local hard disk or in cloud. 

you can access your ebooks like you would messages in Gmail or photos in Picasa—using a free, password-protected Google account with unlimited ebooks storage.

All the purchased books will be available in a common bookshelf on your account,you can access it using any device with one common source.

  • About 4,000 publishers are part of Google eBooks
  •  200 independent bookstores in the American Booksellers Association will be use the Google eBook platform to sell books
Google ebookstore UI

Currently Google Ebook store is available for purchase in US ,other countries have to wait still.

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