How to use Google hotspot [video]


December 2, 2010Google NewsNo comments

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Google hotpot

Google recently announced Hotspot a location based search service recently which gives the places recommendations from google based on the ratings provided by fellow users.

Headover to and enter a place and start providing the rating to that place.If some your friends come to that place he will see your ratings about it.

 If I’m in a new city, I might chat with the concierge at my hotel and explain to him the kinds of places I like so he can give me personalized recommendations, or I’ll ask my friends for local recommendations because I value their opinions and we have similar tastes. 

If you are confused in using Google hotpot, Mat Balez, a Google product manager, explains how to use hotpot in this video.

Android app for Google Hotpot

Places Recommendations from others

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