Create Flash like animations using HTML5


August 2, 2011HTML51 Comment

The gradual increase of HTML5 customers and wide market of web devices made it clear for tech companies like adobe to deliver the product what web needs at the moment.

adobe Edge

adobe Edge

Adobe Inc wanted to tame the potential of HTML5 market with their new tool that helps developers to create Flash like animations using HTML5,css3 and JavaScript.

The new Adobe tool Edge focuses on creating rich internet animations using the widely supported HTML5 and CSS3 and not on Flash.Even if you create animations using flash technology you can convert them to HTML using Swiffy, web tool developed by adobe on converting flash to HTML5.

The Edge software is much similar to Adobe flash with the timeline and stage setting that you can modify like creating a flash animation.This tool also offers the code edit mode which help you understand the code logic of animation.You can create layers and choose among the 25 transformation styles to create animation.Adobe offers the sample tutorial files to get started with edge.

html5 animation

html5 animation-sample-1

html5 animation

html5 animation-sample-2

html5 animation-sample-3

Head over to adobe website to download Edge

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  1. Tomas

    Its important to know that HMTL5 etc only support a limited set of Flash features and not all browsers. There is a reason why the Flash-to-HTML5 converter only support the old Flash 8 AS2, no effects etc. I guess mobile market and Apple limited support is a reason but I guess people don’t want a lot of animations on a slow mobile?

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