How to find the location of Stolen Android Phone


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Lost your android phone or someone stole from you? don’t worry, there are quite handy ways to track and locate the stolen/lost android phone.

Often we search for mobile tracking apps and tips to recover lost phone only after losing  it.But many antitheft applications require you to pre install the app and it should be running in your phone in order to track and locate.But what happens if you haven’t installed any of the android apps to track the location? The answer is very simple you need to install the tracking application “over the Air” in which Android helps you out.

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Plan B

Once you lose your smartphone you can install the application by logging into and install the app directly to the phone.


Once installed you can send a message with the word “Locate” to your phone.You will get immediate replies to your Gmail associated to your market account the co-ordinates and current location of your phone.

Thanks to “Plan B” by lookout security that created this useful application for free.

There are other options for those who are preventive.See the below the applications that can be installed in your phone to track the location before some pockets it out.

Wheres My Droid:



Another alternative is wheres my droid that has some noteworthy features

  • Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
  • Find phone using GPS location
  • Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
  • Use computer to email either attention word.
  • Sim card change for stolen phones (BETA)

Locate My Droid:


Full control of this application can be accessed through web interface.Even if the application is not running in your lost phone you can login to the website and enable the tracking service remotely.This saves the battery time from wasting in the background while you are using.

Now the popular Mobile Operating system is widely used by everyone and I guess this tip will be very useful in case if you lose your android phone.Share your ideas below in the comment section.I will be updating with newer apps in this category.

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