Convert your website into Digital magazine with Google currents


December 11, 2011Apps Google News MobileNo comments

Now with google’s new product called “Google currents” you can create digital publications of your website or blog and make it available to smartphones and tablets very easily.
Google Current is an mobile application that is available in android market and apple’s app store.You can download it to your devices say android smartphone,iphone,android tablets and ipad.Using this application users can read news from different publications in the user friendly format.So we can call this application as a magazine creator.

Google current focuses more on the design aspects of the application.So if you want to publish your news to google current you can do it with the online creator.

Google currents

You can your blog to google currents by specifying the RSS feed of your blog and google will do the rest and provides the preview of your publication on various devices.

These publications are integrated with google+ hence the readers can easily share contents with their friends easily.Using google currents app on the device can also help you find trending news at the moment.The best feature of this app is that you can read news even when you are offline.

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