Google gets new search Interface


May 8, 2010Google NewsNo comments

Google rolled out a new search interface yesterday.Have you noticed the change when you search google ? The new interface increases the richness of the web and enhances the Look and feel.In a post from google blog the new design was explained better.

New Design  leftPanelCompare 

What’s new in the new design ?

  • Simple left hand navigation , with drop down selection
  • Renamed “Web” with “Everything” label
  • Colour full icons for search categories
  • google new interface

  • New Logo and buttons

Old vs New logo

logocompare The new logo is much lighter than previous one.

  • Footer bar with blue background is removed also the underline for links are removed

The UI designers at Google have tried out several designs. (Click to magnify )

What do you think about this new interface ? let us know

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