Face off : Motorola Xoom vs Apple Ipad vs Samsung Galaxy


January 12, 2011Apple Mobile Review3 Comments

Motorola announced its tablet Xoom which will be running Android Honeycomb.Some images are leaked online and some of the specs that are expected from this gadget are :

Features of Motorola Xoom :

  • Processor : 1 GHz , Dual core processor
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Internal Memory : 32 GB
  • External Memory : Micro SD slot
  • Screen : 10 inch touch screen with 1280 x 800 pickles resolution
  • Camera : Front and back camera  .Back camera comes with 5 mega pixels and LED flash.

It is loaded with Android latest tablet OS -Android 3.0 Honeycomb .

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An interesting feature that is expected in Motorola Xoom is a barometer.Everyone has to wait and see what a Barometer in a tablet can do.

Motorola Xoom Ad :

Motorola has come out with an advertisement for their tablet.It starts with tablets from historic age showing about Egyptian tablets and Mayan tablets.I really don’t know why they show about all this tablets for 80% of ad.Then finally the interesting part comes up.

They take on Apple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.IPad is criticized to be nothing more than a big IPhone.Galaxy is marked for using Android developed for mobile phones. Here is the ad..

Comparison with Apple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab :

IPad 2 is expected to be released in early 2011 which is said to have a front camera and higher RAM .Motorola Xoom would be a stiff competitor to Ipad 2, but they have to face the brand name Apple has.

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3 Responses to “Face off : Motorola Xoom vs Apple Ipad vs Samsung Galaxy”
  1. Jeyaganesh

    I liked the Motorola promo ad. especially at the end ,honey bee to denote honeycomb OS.

  2. S.B.Vignesh

    Dude its 1GB RAM!! Not 512 MB!!Motorla xoom is really cool with such an highend hardware support,like 3D graphics Hardware
    accelarator,and additional camera(front camera) wit 2.0Mp!! But it comes as a CDMA phone..! Also i’m not sure about Honeycomb. It’s just developed
    exclusively for Tablet PC ! Some features like,
    -Optimized tablet support with a new user interface.
    -3D desktop and redfined widgets.
    It is concerned more about the UI and visual experience. Unlike 2.3(Gingerbread)which introduced various new feature like
    -NFC(Near Field Communication)
    -Voip calling
    -Native support for multiple sensors.
    I’m not sure if these se features are available in Honeycomb…If so let me know..

  3. S.B.Vignesh

    For more info :

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