Find your lost iphone/ipad without Mobile Me subscription


November 23, 2010Apple AppsNo comments

Apple announced iOS 4.2 update today and also announced free app Find My iphone for iphone, ipad and fourth generation ipod touches.

Till now “Find my Iphone” was a premium feature which needs a “Mobile Me” subscription.

iPhone 4, iPad, or 4th generation iPod touch owners can use Find My iPhone for free with their Apple ID (iOS 4.2 required)

How ever this feature is not available for iphone 3G/3GS.This free app is only for iphone4/ipad and ipod touches.
Find my iphone is an application that keeps track  the location of your iphone/ipad and lets you to remotely lock and wipe out the personal information incase if you lost it.

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Find the features of “Find My Iphone app

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