Play angry birds for free online

The most popular mobile game Angry birds which topped the charts for long time is now available as online version so that everyone can play angry birds without having a smartphone or tablet.

Rovio-the makers of this addictive game said on Google IO 2011,the game will be available online from today in chrome web-store which also means the game can also be accessed via other browsers too. is the URL where we can play the online version of angry birds.The web version is built using the Web GL.The other good news is that the game is free to access.
You can play the game even when you are not connected to internet since the app uses the offline storage feature.This is one of the greatest move by the makers as the game was very successful on mobile platform.
You can use either SD/HD versions based on your internet connection.

Do you like playing it ? proceed to  or download the chrome web store app here

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