Chrome extension by google engineer helps to fix facebook privacy issue


October 21, 2010Apps facebookNo comments

When we say Facebook ,two things comes to mind one is largest social network the other is privacy problem.Facebook was accused many times for privacy related problems stating that the information we give on Facebook is shared with advertisers.

The recent problem with facebook is that the external applications that we use inside Facebook is collecting the personal information from the users and sharing with advertisers.The company has blocked several applications that are accused of violating privacy policy.
Facebook Connect
Its the interface that allow websites and applications to access your facebook profile for personalization purpose but Facebook is notified whenever you visit one of the more than one million sites on the web that use facebook connect.
Facebook Disconnect
One of the Google engineer Brian Kennish has developed a chrome extension that blocks all the third party websites to access Facebook information.

Facebook Disconnect blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers, yet you’ll still be able to access Facebook itself.

Download Facebook disconnect for chrome and activate the extension.If you open any website you wont see any facebook applications and even no ‘Like’ buttons.

Give it a try if you dont want faceook to track your online activities and share your feedback here.

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