6 ways to create live streaming videos

Live streaming videos are currently popular among the internet,you can now live stream your events on the web so that million others can watch it live.Google IO is recently live streamed the conference which drew huge attention as many people opt to watch it online.

Live streaming also becomes essential for bloggers to live blog at events like WWDC.Not just tech event many people tried to watch world cup football live on web instead of their TV sets.




Live stream is nothing but you record a video and send it to the server simultaneously that help people watch through web.

Its now possible that every one can create live streaming videos with only requirement to have a good camera or mobile phone connected with internet.

There are several free services that can host your live stream video channels.



Ustream founded in 2006 is now becoming poineer in live stream videos.You can record and store live videos


2.Live Stream


Live stream was formerly known as Mogulus.It also offers wireless HD broadcasting in the form of a device combination called Livepack, described as "a satellite television truck in a backpack”












6.Blog Tv


all these apps are available in apple app store,you can broadcast live using your iphone on the go.

Share your experience in broadcasting live videos.

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