Rise of Nokia OVI apps usage [STATS]


November 24, 2010Apps MobileNo comments

Nokia OVI apps are getting popular worldwide as the downloads hit 3 million apps per day in the November month.

Nokia said: The new milestone is because of the app developers rise,as 400,000 new mobile developers have registered in the past one year.Nokia stands at fouth after apple,android and getjar.Apple being the top app store with 12 million app downloads perday.

The rapid growth on Ovi Store to pass the 1 billion annualized downloads mark demonstrates that Nokia is a competitor in both scale and size when it comes to its services,” said Scott Ellison, Vice President of Mobile and Consumer Connected Platforms

The one billion download is predicted at february 2011.
Nokia was hugely popular in India,China and Indonesia Because Nokia has wide range of mobile devices for every age group.Every day more than 250,000 new customers sign up for OVI.

Via All about symbian , Nokia press release

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