How to backup database using PhpMyAdmin


August 14, 2012PHPNo comments

PhpMyAdmin is a tool to manage MySql databases over the internet.You can perform all kind of database operations using this tool through http request.PhpMyAdmin also provides and acts as front end interface of the MySql database.


In this tutorial we will learn how to take backup of your Mysql table using PhpMyAdmin.

Quick and Easy Way

1.Open PhpMyAdmin and select the database you wish to take back up at the left pane.

2.Select Export option and choose SQL as export format.Click Go.

mysql backup

3.The database file will then start downloading.

Remember you can export this database in any formats like CSV,Word,PDF,YAML etc.Using this backup file you can restore the data at a later point of time using the import option.

There is another way to download the database backup but you can use this if you need to backup the data structure and not the entire database.

For taking backup for table structure alone you need to select the custom radio button in the step 2 specified above.
Select the option structure under the Dump option and now you will only get the structure of your database and not the data.This will be helpful for developers when the volume of data is huge.


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