How to :Transfer mails from one gmail account to another

Now a days, people are using multiple of email accounts ,making it separate for both Personal and professional.Gmail has a feature by which we can transfer mails from one account to another(in automated way) . Following are the steps :

Step 1:Log on to your Gmail account from which you are going to transfer mails to other account .


Step 2: Go to settings(Which is on right-side corner of the page) .


Step 3: Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.


Step 4: Click  “ Enable POP for all mail”


Step 5:Now log on to your other Gmail Account .After  login in , Click Settings . In that , Click Account and Import tab .


Step 6: Under Account and Import Tab , Click Add POP3 email account


Step 7 : Enter the Email address of the account to get mail from and enter essential details after you enter email address . 2011-01-20_000529


Step 8: Now your mail account has been added .Just click ‘Yes’ and for verification enter another email address you own .




Step 9 : After verification , all the mails are transferred from old gmail account to new gmail account .

Note : It takes time for transfer of mails  from one account to another account .So be Patient .

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  1. JasonCook599

    I would recommend using forwarding instead. I find the is much more straight forward, and doesn’t stop if a password is changed.

  2. Benji York will let you copy one Gmail account to another.

  3. Rakesh

    hello sir

  4. priya

    not working for me

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