5 New Features in Apple iOS6


June 12, 2012AppleNo comments

Apple iOS6 is the latest operating system announced today at WWDC 2012.There are almost 200 new features in this new version but I would like to list the top 5 best features in iOS6.

1. Maps:

iOS devices will not more sport Google maps as their navigation application because apple now has a completely new and futuristic Maps application.

Flyover: you can navigate with the real time maps viewed straight from the sky.Apple is working to build these maps for the whole world so that their dependency on Google Maps is being cut off.


Siri has grown and its expertise now ranges to more foreign languages.You can Siri about the sports personalities,movie shows, restaurants and much more.Even the cars soon gonna have this siri feature called “Eyes free” which guides the driver with the turn by turn navigation.


The place to safely store the boarding pass,coupons and tickets.Just like your wallet you can use to store the handy information and codes in this application.

4.Guided Access:

The guided access application is for people with  vision, hearing, learning  disabilities

5.Deep Facebook Integration

Like the last version with twitter integration this time facebook is integrated right into the operating system.You can now post status with just a click on the notification center.Applications like music uses the facebook integration to share the music interest with friends.

Check out the official page for the detailed list.Which one do you like the most? Share your comments.

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