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Google IO 2011 was very popular among developers.Two day event was filled with android and chrome announcements. YouTube live streamed all the sessions on two separate YouTube channels since the huge popularity that this event has created caused the tickets to sell out within minutes.
google io 2011
Thanks to YouTube for live streaming all the sessions with live closed caption texts.For those who missed the live stream,The Keynote for Day1 and 2 are available in YouTube now.

Day 1:Keynote and announcements about Android

Google announced cloud music storage service called “Google music” and then next version of android “Ice-cream Sandwich“.Google has distributed Galaxy tab 10.1 to all the attendees[all 5000 of them].
Google has also announced honeycomb update 3.1 to Tablet PCs and Android@home project.

Day 2: Keynote and announcements about Chrome

Google announced the stats and growth of chrome, web-store and the new product “Chromebook“.

More developer session videos are available in Google developers YouTube channel.

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