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January 28, 2010TechnologyNo comments is a Virtual computer which can be accessed anywhere using a browser.Its the  World’s first web operating system

Ghost provides a 15 GB of storage ( on amazon s3 ) and a virtual environment which simulates a computer on the webpage.Its absolutely free and its stunning.


Visit the url

This website has got  “Sao Tome and Principe”  .st country extension. It is powered by [Cloud Computing].

To use this service first you have to register,which is a free signup.


Here’s the screenshots of desktop:


computer on a webpage



computer on a webpage browser


Start menu:

computer on a webpage - startmenu





computer on a webpage - taskbar



computer on a webpage - sidebar

Mobile version:

computer on a webpage - mobile


This Web Os  also offers additional services like Mail, Zoho apps etc. offers every person in the world a free Virtual Computer (VC).  The Virtual Computer includes almost everything you would have in a physical computer – a desktop, file storage (like a disk drive) and applications (apps).

But unlike a physical computer, your Virtual Computer (VC) is "hosted" in a professional data center somewhere in the Internet "cloud" and is accessible as a web page in any browser. You can run the entire VC from any Internet browser without the need to install any software or "sync" files. Just enter your username and password, and continue using your VC from exactly the state you last left it in.


make a try

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