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July 29, 2009TechnologyNo comments

I found out a wonderful website which showed my internet history,which includes the website which I have visited in the recent past. It was a rude shock for me that how could the site collected my internet history? I thought first that may be my browser would have given that to the site. To my guess it was right. is the site which I have found my History

See How it works: This site constructs a collage of the web2.0  websites that you visit. It does this by using nifty javascript to sniff your browser history, and delicious plt-scheme code on the backend to pull the bits together from all over the web

When I proceeded to the web history, picture shown below popped up..

History of my internet

I guess so my recent activity included youtube,blogger,,cisco,,bing,blog catalogue,blurtit,digg,economictimes,guardian,life hacker,yahoo,ieee,matlab,facebook,orkut,pc magazine,nasa,newyork times,twitter,problogger,read write web,rediff,smashing magazine,stumble upon,tech crunch,wikipedia,wiki answers,times of india,wordpress

visit the site and sniff your browser to see your internet history and see how much websites you have in a good rank.


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